New College of Science homepage

College of Science homepage redesign

Client: Purdue Purdue College of Science
Role: Developer

The College of Science encompasses 7 departments and 40 degree programs. In May 2018, my supervisor and I met with the College's communications and media specialist to discuss redesigning the College of Science homepage. In September, Purdue was going to launch the Giant Leaps campaign, celebrating 150 years of the university. The College of Science was going to be featured first, so the goal was to have the new design live by September 1.

The specialist created the first design, which had a social media section. I reviewed the site's analytics data of the past year and researched social media widgets. The specialist made some revisions to the design. The final design had five major areas: tiles, about, fact points, news and a second tiles section.

The specialist needed to create content for the Giant Leaps campaign. Since the website didn't have an about section, we did some restructuring and made one. This new section gives a home to the Giant Leaps content and to the people and news sections. This meant that several areas of the website needed to be moved. I made a list of all the pages and sections that had to move and what their redirects would be. I notified the senior web administrator of the upcoming change. We also needed to update the site's header, as Purdue Marketing and Media changed the branding guidelines and no longer allowed the "Purdue | Science" co-brand to be used.

After I finished building the homepage, the specialist sent it to the Dean for review. Once the homepage was approved, I moved the new components into the College of Science website and rebuilt the homepage. I wanted the change to be seamless, so I emailed the list of sections and their redirects to the senior web administrator a day before the move. The homepage and the content restructuring went live on August 31st. I also added a new sitemap and ran the website through a link checker.


Note: the image below is from the previous homepage design.

Old College of Science homepage